Creative graphics

One of the most inspiring moments for our clients is to see their business is well branded and transformed into a recognizable product for their clients.

We design your brand identity, that helps to keep our client's companies image in the mind of their potential clients.

Web and Mobile apps

To always be reachable by your clients and connected with your employees is a success factor you can't overlook. The web and mobile solutions Techytypes crafts for your business can augment your capabilities to boost your business processes productivity, increment your clients' access to your services and data, as well as actively engage with them.

We code your website and mobile applications in high quality following web accessibility standards, using the latest technologies.

Videos and Post-Production

For us, creativity is the art of visual perception. It’s what triggers all of our senses, emotions and desires. We take your high-quality product, carefully and tastefully package it up, and make it beautifully attractive to your target audience. .

Our video shooting team captures, edits and animates the scenes that tell great stories about our clients, which creates a unique, inspiring connection with their audience.

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